A little about me and this site:

First of all welcome!  This is a new endeavor for me as I work to become more consistent in my time in God’s Word every day.  I have been in church consistently since infancy and saved since childhood, but like so many people I have struggled with prioritizing reading my Bible and spending time in prayer.  A few years ago I listened while my preacher spoke to my young sons about how to study their Bibles.  He gave them the SPACE acronym and told them that as they read they should be watching for one of the five letters (S- sin to confess  P- promise to claim  A- attitude to change  C- command to obey  E- example to follow\not follow). At the time I didn’t have any other way to do it so I began using this model, journaling what I found each time.  As I did this for a while I began to realize that as I read through scripture there was often a verse that jumped out at me provoking deeper thought.  I began writing down what I felt God was telling me through that scripture.  Still, I have been inconsistent at it and I felt prodded to do something that would give me a little more accountability so here we are!

Now I am no theologian.  I will also admit that I frequently fail at most of the things you will find written here but I read my instruction manual (the Bible), take note of my failings, try to do better, and thank God for his grace that I need so desperately!  All that to say I am no different from most of you.  I’m just me, an imperfect person, a wife and a mother of three with a chaotic schedule and a desire to draw closer to God.  I would strongly encourage that no one, ever, take the words of another about what is in the Bible at face value.  Please read the scriptures for yourself, read it in context with the verses around it, make sure it is truth.  It is too important to take someone else’s word for it.  And, if you read through something here that is off base with scripture then please let me know (with grace, love and references)!

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