Job 38-41

I was reminded recently of the power and importance of simply taking time to WORSHIP God and praise his name, making no requests, making no demands, just giving him the glory he deserves.  One of the ways I wanted to do that was to pray through some of the worshipful scriptures in the Bible and ended up rewording Job 38-41 into a prayer.  Join with me in worshiping our Creator!

All glory to you God who laid the foundations of the earth, who determined its dimensions and laid its cornerstone!  Blessed are you who birthed the sea and contains the mighty ocean inside its boundaries.  Praise be to you who commands the morning to appear and spreads daylight to the ends of the earth robing the world in brilliant color and bringing an end to the night’s wickedness.  Glory to you O Lord who has all wisdom and knowledge.  Only you realize the extent o the earth, only you can know where the light comes from, where the darkness goes, where are the storehouses filled with snow and hail, where lies the path to the source of light and where the wind makes its home.  Almighty God you created the channels for the rain, laid out the path for the lightning.  You alone can make rain fall on barren land to satisfy the parched ground.  You alone can create the rain and the dew, the ice and frost.  We give praise to you who directs the movement of the stars, guiding them across the heavens and through the seasons.  O God you wrote the laws of the universe and use them to regulate the earth.  It is you who gives intuition to the heart and instinct to the mind.  You alone have wisdom enough to understand all the needs of the earth and its creatures.  You alone have the ability to satisfy those needs.  You are aware of every detail of our existence, you have placed each of us in our place and endowed every creature with its abilities and gifts.  Blessed is the giver of wisdom and understanding!  Glory to you God who granted speed to the ostrich, strength and beauty to the horse.  Your wisdom makes the hawk soar, your command raises the eagle to the heights to make its nest.  All of nature obeys your command!  God you are a God of strength and justice with a voice like thunder, cloaked in glory and splendor, honor and majesty.  O Lord you humiliate the proud with a glance, walk on the wicked where they stand and bury them in the dust.  You are the creator of all, we are your handiwork- masterpieces of your hands.  You are God and no one can stand against you.  Who would dare try?  Everything under heaven belongs to you.  No one has ever, and can never, give you anything that you must pay back.  Before you we are nothing.  I give all glory and honor and praise to you Almighty God, the only one who deserves it.  Amen!

~May the Lord make his face shine upon you and give you peace today!

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