Fight Through


In my head I see news clips from Black Fridays past when I read this scripture.  Someone stands facing the wide open door, beyond which are wonderful things they are so excited to discover, but between them and the door are hoards of people opposing their way; unmoving, shoving, insulting, whatever.  There is an open door in front of us too, with wonderful things waiting beyond it.  Do we want to experience it badly enough to FIGHT THROUGH the opposition?  We certainly should.  Too many of us, myself included, tend to take the easier path- to stay at home and avoid the difficulty.  On Black Friday that may be wise but not so much in our Christian walk.  How much do we miss out on because we refuse to fight our way through that door?  There will always be people in our paths that are against us, especially when we are working for Christ.  We cannot let them shove us off of our path, or drive us away.  Instead, we should look at them as a type of affirmation to the good work we are doing, a way to confirm we are doing something to further God’s kingdom on earth and the enemy wants it stopped or worse, he wants to dishearten you so that you abandon all efforts to do good and never step into the destiny God has called you to.  Take heart & fight your way through the opposition- the door is open wide!

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