All Is Forgiven


We are all eager to believe the best about ourselves.  None of us wants to admit fault or impure motives even when they are clearly there.  Society wants us to believe that people are inherently good as well.  But we aren’t.  Inside we are all the same- dark and full of sin.  That is why Christ had to come and die, so we had the option to have our sinful hearts replaced with clean ones so we could be made right with him.  All we have to do is ask!  But if we claim we are inherently good and do not sin, then we are not only calling God a liar but we are labeling Jesus’ sacrifice as worthless, a waste of time.  Such a stance is only lying to ourselves, it accomplishes nothing and leaves us in a pit of despair.  God has promised to forgive EVERYTHING, no matter how big it may be, and to make us pure!  Admit sin, ask forgiveness.  It really is that easy.

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