It’s Not Enough To Know

Knowing God is not enough ‘for even the demons believe and they shudder’.  He is to be glorified in and through us, given the thanks and honor due to the all-powerful creator of the universe who holds our lives in his hands.  Nothing less is due him.  We lose sight of the gravity of these things, maybe because it doesn’t seem like it’s right in front of our eyes.  Or maybe because he has been emphasized too much as the Lamb and not enough as the Lion.  As we neglect this thanksgiving and glorifying our thoughts stray from God, our thoughts become futile, our hearts darkened, we begin to believe lies and behave both foolishly and shamefully.  Our worship turns from God to things, people, activities, things created by man.  If we do not recognize it when it begins to happen and turn our hearts back to God then he will eventually give us over to it.

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