If there is something we continue to struggle with, something we know we should not be doing but that continues anyway- so easily, so naturally- taking place of things we know you should be doing instead, it is the result of sin remaining in our hearts.  It is deeper than the action itself.  Like we eat to satisfy hunger, the action we can’t seem to quit is the result of the hunger of that sin.  It is living inside us like a parasite feeding off of our lives, and from the inside it causes things to happen, gives you a hunger for what it desires.  They only way to put an end to these ‘evil’ actions is to hunt  down the root cause, the buried sin.  Seek it out, ask God to reveal it to you and, once He does, confess it, repent of it, and give it to God as often as necessary.  Recognize it now so that it does not try continue to plague you.  Fill it’s former ‘ome’ with the hinges of God.

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