Let’s Work Together

According to chapter 14 it is not our place to judge the beliefs of worship methods of our fellow believers in so far as what they are doing does not go against the absolutes of scripture and it is being done earnestly for the Lord. “Who are you to judge someone else’s servant?” “God has accepted him.” Our differences in denominational belief should not be something that separates us from one another. We must accept one another as family, be united in Christ against the powers of this world. We must each concern ourselves with what we believe, how we will worship, “Each one should be fully convinced in his own mind.” So decide, between you and the Lord what your personal convictions are. Be fully convinced of it and do your best to live it out. Realize that not everyone’s directives are exactly the same, God leads us individually in areas of our lives. Again, these convictions and beliefs should not go against the word of God. If they contradict then we need to reassess them. These individual leadings will sometimes mean that a fellow believer feels a conviction toward something that you may not. That is fine, God is speaking to each of us as individuals and so He may ask one person to stay away from certain things and not another. We must be careful that our freedom in Christ does not cause another to stumble and fall away from their relationship with God. Use good judgement in what you do, pay attention to who might be watching and understand the effect that each might have on the other. We must treat our brothers and sisters with love and consideration to help them move forward, not back.

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