To Each His Own

We are all called by God to some kind of work to further His kingdom here on earth but we are not all called to the same kind of work. God has something specific set aside for each of us that we are uniquely qualified to do according to how He created our individual selves. That can mean that some people may be called to work that we feel, at first, is outside of the boundaries of what we feel God has asked. However, just because He did not ask it of you does not mean that He did not ask it of another. For example, when Jesus was among us He clearly stated that He was here only for the Jewish people and so, after He ascended, His disciples continued in that same work. But God called Paul to something completely different, ministering to non-Jews which way outside their comfort zone and what they themselves had been called by God to do. But these pillars of the church were also able to recognize God’s hand in what Paul was doing, they could see His grace and blessing on Paul’s ministry. So instead of being antagonistic, undermining his calling, putting him down or dismissing the people he was called to teach, they offered encouragement and advice. We should be willing to do the same for our own brothers and sisters in Christ- no matter their past or their calling so long as God’s grace is with them in their work and they continue in the foundational premises of God’s word. We must uphold one another, work alongside one another, so that we may reach as many as possible.

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