Turning Back

Putting ourselves under the control of false gods; whether they be money, relationships, jobs, hobbies, legalism of religion, etc.., is effectively turning ourselves over as slaves to those gods that are not really gods. They are not kind masters, if they are where you look for your identity or where you go for comfort or what you depend on for security, then they will leave you feeling empty, worthless, and miserable. Yet we continue to pursue them. Often, even after we have been freed from their power over us and released to a new master of love, compassion, purpose and joy, we find ourselves slowly turning back toward those old gods, falling back beneath their boot. Why? When we know firsthand the difference between the two, why do we tend to return to the false promises, the empty gains, the life sucking tedium that comes from following their ‘weak and worthless’ principals? Why do we not run full out into the life promised by our Father who is trustworthy, a life that offers more joy and fulfillment than we can even dream up for ourselves. Why can we not never look back?

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