Pray For All People

Prayer is an important part of worship. It is a relationship builder between us and God. We become closer and more intimate as we talk with Him, share our worries and our joys, seek His wisdom and guidance, and praise Him. Prayer can also help build our relationships with other people because when we persistently intercede for them and thank God for them it helps to build a bridge between us that God’s love flows across, from us to them. You will begin to feel that love over time even if you don’t particularly know or like the person at the start. People in authority are specifically listed in this scripture as ones who need our prayer- presidents, government officials, police officers, bosses, parents, teachers- all of us have numerous people who have some form of authority over us. They carry heavy burdens and, regardless of their beliefs or actions, they need our prayers. We are promised a blessing for doing so, peaceful and quiet lives marked by godliness and dignity. It pleases God and blesses us, what more encouragement do we need!

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