God Is Bigger


God doesn’t sit on his throne in heaven and watch us wind along our little life ‘tracks’ that he laid out so that we could only go the directions and do the things he wants us to.  That is nowhere close to the free will he has granted us.  He granted us choice.  He allows us to make the wrong ones and sometimes that means we hurt ourselves.  Sometimes it means other people are hurt by us.  He allows obstacles to be placed in our paths.  Every mistake we make, every time we are hurt or hurt others, every time we fail, none of it de-rails God.  He is bigger than our mistakes.  He can and will use EVERYTHING for his own purposes, even the toughest things that we can see no sense in.  Remember, you can never mess up too big for God and that he can redeem whatever horrible things you may have been through and use them to guide you into the wonderful destiny he has planned for you.

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