See Clearly


We allow our hearts and minds to become so bogged down with the things of this world that it becomes increasingly difficult for us to see through it to what is truly important.  We become stressed, worried, angry, and despondent over daily trials, over the government, over society, over they way we were mistreated.  This prayer is that our mind might see more clearly, see through the fog of these temporal things and into the bright hope of the things we know, which is that Jesus is in control of it ALL.  Verse 21 says that he sits far above all who rule, above all powers and kings, ALL things have been placed under his rule.  So we shouldn’t let the things he is taking care of weigh us down and distract us from his purpose for our lives.  Nor should we get confused about what is truly rich and glorious- our world based minds have trouble seeing clearly that the rewards God’s people will receive are far beyond anything we can ask or imagine and all this world can offer will eventually turn to dust.  We should not be so eager and quick to sacrifice diamonds for the coal.

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