A Remnant

This present time may feel desperate to us who believe, even hopeless at times.  We are not alone in such thoughts, both Elijah and Paul felt the same way in times that were far more desperate than our own and still God was victorious.  His people have endured, despite the odds, throughout history, through a cycle of faithfulness and faithlessness in a world that continues to repeat itself.  He is always here, He is always faithful, and He reserves for Himself a remnant of people, who-among a world that has bent the knee to the latest idols, have remained faithful to the one true God.  They will endure through the struggles of a Godless culture and come through the other side carrying a legacy of grace and faith that will inspire the same in others and be used by God to turn the world back to Himself once more.  We should strive to be one of His reserves, one of the few who can be called faithful.  Remember, God does not reject His people, His people reject Him.  Hold fast to the truth, do not bend you knee to this world.

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