No Take Backs

Irrevocable:  Not to be revoked (taken back, withdrawn, cancelled, or reversed) or replaced; unable to be repealed or annulled; unalterable

God has given us all a purpose, and gifts to fulfill said purpose.  It does not matter how far we turn away, how much we ignore that calling, how badly we might mess up.  Those gifts and that call will still be there waiting for us to turn back around and take hold of them, of God, and His plan for our life.  We all mess up, ‘saints’ and sinners alike.  We cannot be perfect because we are too prone to disobedience, no one is bettter than any other.  But God will not give us up because we make mistakes.  He will have mercy on us.  He will still use us to fulfill His purposes.  The old adage “If you ignore it, it will go away” does not apply here, God’s call is irrevocable whether we choose heed it or not.  Embrace His gifts and His calling and walk in the fullness of the life He planned for each of us.

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