Satan’s sly ways appear to be closely linked with our personal grudges. Unforgiveness opens us up to his ‘mischief’ & schemes. Forgiveness releases us from a burden that we have placed upon ourselves when we are wronged by another. If we cling to that wrong, it will fester within us and leave us wide open for the enemy to plant seeds of resentment, ideas of vengeance, lies of justification. When we refuse to give our injury to God, the enemy is able to creep through the cracks in our godly armor that have been left there by a wounded pride or a wounded heart. Once he is in, he will begin his schemes of deception, the biggest one being that we have the right to be angry and therefore refuse to let go because they were the one in the wrong, that they now owe us something. Give that debt to God, rest in knowing that they will have to answer to Him and that it is His job to make things right. Trust Him, release that debt to Him, and be at peace.

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