What Bleeds Through?

Our lives are a letter, written out as plain as day and open for all to read. The people we encounter every day can see through our pretenses and catch glimpses of what message is really written on our hearts. So what is our letter saying to them? Is it calling to them from Christ, showing them His love and pointing the way toward the peace and salvation He offers? Are they seeing the ink bleed through to the surface from having the Spirit of God inked so heavily onto our hearts? Or are they reading a different message? One that says we are no different from everyone else, no less petty, no more patient, no more kind, no less jealous or angry? Would we be embarrassed for the letter of our hearts to be opened up and displayed before our friends, family, & community if it were actual ink and paper? Because we can be assured that it is no less concealed within us. What is bleeding through into our lives, the ink of the Spirit or the ink of self?

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