The Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing But

Sometimes we get the idea that God’s word, or even God Himself, seems a little harsh or a little too intense; especially for people who are new to it all. As a result, we might try to smooth over it, to lure people into it with only the pretty promises of love and eternal life freely given to anyone. But that isn’t the truth of it, at least not the whole truth. Love calls for sacrifice & that freely given eternal life is only available through a single avenue: Christ Jesus. Choosing it means abandoning many of the things we were doing before choosing Him. It will not be a life of simplicity and roses. God never promised it would be, in fact Jesus said it would be the opposite. He was bluntly honest with us, and so we should be with those around us. We don’t need to deceive people to bring them to God. If we do, they will eventually figure us out and may come to resent us or, worse, God. We simply need to tell them the truth, all of the truth: that it is hard & it is worth it. Allow God to bring the salvation work to completion. We must trust in Him to save people, not our own words.

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