Just People?

When we become believers in Christ, we come to see Jesus not as a man but as the Son of God. So too, when we are saved, should our view of the people around us shift. They suddenly become more than bodies that surround us, people we can use too our gain, there to preform a service or simply there. At our salvation our eyes have been opened to the truth of eternity. We should no longer look at people without seeing an eternal soul destined for either paradise or suffering. Those who refuse Christ are being murdered, slowly but surely, by the deception of the enemy. Their souls cry out in agony and despair causing their minds and their bodies to seek out some form of relief. We, the army of believers, are here to rescue those souls. It is our given responsibility to carry the truth of the only One who can give them the relief they don’t know they seek, the only One who can prevent their deaths. We are asked by our Father to show them that truth, like a lifeline, so they might take hold of it and He can begin to heal them. Just as we should be unable to walk away when someone is being physically harmed, we shouldn’t be able to walk away from their spirits that are groaning for salvation. They aren’t just people, they are refugees under attack.

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