Getting Ahead of God

Sometimes, for one reason or another, we find ourselves trying to run ahead of the work God has planned. We begin to pick out our dining sets while He is still putting on the roof. We may be rushing headlong into a service that He has not even called us to! And once we get so far ahead we may no longer be able to discern God’s direction on how to move forward (Probably because He is telling us to go back!) so we begin to make the decisions ourselves. They may seem small and may be based on good intentions, but in reality they are still leading us further from God’s plan and without His guidance we will eventually veer further and further from His teaching until God is no longer present in our plans at all. We must not get so carried away in our serving that we end up leaving God behind. If you find that you are having trouble figuring out how to move forward, perhaps it could be time to move back.

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