Support System

We are called to be faithful in our hospitality to our fellow believers, even if they are strangers to us. Because in truth they are members of our family and their cause is our cause. To help them, love them, support them; these things work toward the goal we already strive toward- spreading God’s truth. More hands equals more work being accomplished. Imagine if the body could put aside its petty differences, its territorialism, its steadfast loyalty to a building rather than Christ’s cause. What could God’s people accomplish then? What enemy would dare stand against a united church?

The gospel, the truth of Christ, did not spread like fire throughout the known world of the first century because the churches there remained isolated among those with whom they felt comfortable and safe. No, they shared among strangers what little they had, hungry for community and strength borrowed from those who walked a similar path. They did all they could to help support the ministry and calling of others. What can you do to support the calling of the believers God places in your path?

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