No Take Backs

Irrevocable:  Not to be revoked (taken back, withdrawn, cancelled, or reversed) or replaced; unable to be repealed or annulled; unalterable God has given us all a purpose, and gifts to fulfill said purpose.  It does not matter how far we turn away, how much we ignore that calling, how badly we might mess up.  Those […]


We must rely on the Spirit within us to overcome our weaknesses, our inability to do the things we want to do, know we should do, but can’t seem to.  We need to allow the Spirit to be in control, be obedient to his promptings.  Let God’s Spirit intercede for the things we don’t even […]


If there is something we continue to struggle with, something we know we should not be doing but that continues anyway- so easily, so naturally- taking place of things we know you should be doing instead, it is the result of sin remaining in our hearts.  It is deeper than the action itself.  Like we […]